The Augmented City created by 120 high schools students



The real-time lives of cities

A global connective identity. An ubiquitous body extended to the whole planet



Augmeted Reality for leaves



A series of series of musical toys for iPhone and iPad



A free open source AR Browser for iPhone and iPad

A global performance, a multilingual ubiquitous dialogue in realtime giving a voice to the planetary discussion on nuclear energy

An Augmented Reality Drug

A cross-media book, a realtime emotional map of the world featured in transmediale11



Acronym of “Multi Author Cross Medial Ecosystem”, MACME is a new Worpress plugin transforming a blog in a cross-medial publishing sistem

A cross-mediale book in Augmented reality, an iPhone and iPad application, a new tool opensource for cross-medial publishing

Interactive installation exhibit for the Festival of Architecture – 11 and 12 June 2010, “La Pelanda” MACRO-Testaccio (Museum of Contemporary Art Rome)



A simple harmonic granular synthesizer for the iPhone



A post visualization system designed for WordPress

A wearable, USB gadget that allows the public to interact by publishing feedback (emotions and sensations) directly onto the body of the user.

An interactive supermarket in augmented reality, a peer-to-peer infrastructure, a radical marketplace squatting the consumer infrastructure itself.



Mobile application for iPhone, Symbian and Android based on an image recognition system. By framing a product on the camera, an image processing algorithm identifies the logo allowing the user access to information coming from a plurality of sources: narrative galaxies (open, emergent, multi-author) connected to thematic social networks, layered over products.

A location-based application for iPhone, Symbian, Android and web applied to anthropological field research exploring new relational forms of representation and poliphonic and emergent self-representation.

An interactive atlas dedicated to artistic and scientific works in augmented reality, navigable online or while walking around the city or architectural sites thanks to a location-based, mobile phone version.