(Italiano) Il lancio della fase 2 del progetto e la co-creazione della città

January 18th the national tv channel RaiNews24 invites Oriana Persico and Claudio Alfano ti speak about the Ubiquitous Pompei project and perspectives

Travel through 6 cities, in Italy, Europe and the United States. A live performance capturing in real time the emotions of cities, in an open dialogue with music.

(Italiano) “Pompei più viva che mai grazie alle tecnologie”: ne parla Carlo Infante sulla sua rubrica “Salva Con Nome”

A short review of the VersuS installation at the Piemonte Share Festival

A review by architect Christian Jugovac about the VersuS – ConnectiCity project

Tow articles by journalist Mario Cardone on TorreSette

Mapping love: The 7th December Valentina Tanni speaks about VersuS on Artribune

Visualizing.org featured NuclearAnxiety in their video and end of year project

“NeoReality, ubiquitous publishing and new perceptions of space/time/identity”, by salvatore Iaconesi e Oriana Persico

“The net of the anxiety”, by Simone Arcagni

Ferdinando Marino speak about CBF projcet on the official site of the Italian Federation of Public Relations – FERPI

(Italiano) “Il REFF a Londra. Una Fake Institution, una droga in realtà aumentata e la reinvenzione del reale”, reportage

The augmented museum: Toys++ project become a chapter of the book “Museum at Play”

Preview of the Leaf++ project, selected by ISEA 2011 that will take place in Istanbul



REFF meets the Mannucci Institute of Ancona, the Acadmy of Arts of Macerata and Osimo city

“REFF AR Drug – Altered or Augmented Reality?”

REFF. A Fake Cultural Institution, an A/R drug and the reinvention of reality: exhibit @ Furtherfield (London), lunch party, workshop and presentations

Alessio Capuccio speak about FakePress statement featured at the Social Media Week of Rome

Consciusness of Stream. A cross-media book, a realtime emotional map of the world featured in transmediale – Berlin 1-6 feb. 2011

(Italiano) Il libro del REFF nella play list delle 10 cose da non perdere di Wired Italia, gennaio 2011.

(Italiano) Bellissimo il servizio de “LINKredulo” girato al Public Camp 2010 (Bari). Suggestivo ed efficace il titolo: “FakePress e lo Squatting dell’Immaginificazione”

REFF, beyond the book, beyond the ebook, by Nando Ruggiero

Articles by Elena del Drago and Benedetto Vecchi on “CULTURA & VISIONI”

Roundtable on “New Products for Future Readers” with FakePress at DigITAL Cafè. “Più Libri Più Liberi”, National book fair for small and medium sized publishers, 7 December, 16:00, Palazzo dei Congressi, Rome

A new article on the REFF book has been published on www.kuandika.com, by Simone Caracciolo

“REFF. A book, a catalog, a new model for augmented publishing” – REFF book review by Roberto Russo on www.booksblog.it

We’ll be at the 3rd edition of PubliCamp in Bari, Italy (with Angel_F) talking about the new scenarios for communication and publishing with FakePress

REFF book on the homepage of La Stampa, 18 November 2010

REFF book on RaiNews24 taking about next-step publishing

“A book that is more than just a book. A technical guide, a manifesto for network economics, a symbol of emerging network-cultures and, according to the author of science fiction [Bruce Sterling], also something fun.” Article by Cristina Sciannamblo on www.punto-informatico.it

“Interview to FakePress” by Pierfrancesco Cravel: Domus 2 November 2010

REFF book presented @ Piemonte Shere Festival / Artissima, Torino 2-7 novembre 2010

The RomaEuropa Fakefactory book is coming! “REFF. La reinvenzione del reale attraverso pratiche critiche di remix, mash up, recontestualizzazione, reenactment”, published in Italy by DerivApprodi & FakePress. Foreword of Bruce Steling

Fake Press paper among the top presentations of the day on Slide Share

Statement on the “Atlas of Rome” project from the Assessor of Politics, Culture and Communication of for the Comune di Roma, Umberto Croppi.

FakePress, a publishing house that “specializes in unorthodox media”… – Wired Italy

“Squatting Supermartets: narratives of shoptivism”, by Loretta Borrelli

Cuneo Chronicle talks about Squatting Supermarkets, taking center stage at the SMIR workshop in Mondovi, under the artistic direction of the Piemonte Share Festival.

Antonio Caronia concludes his article “Technological Imaginations. Eating words” with a discussion on the Squatting Supermarkets performance at the Schighera of Milan.

Programmable Web has chosen “Publishing Emotion” as the mashup of the day – community rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

According to Simone Arcagni the Squatting Supermarkets video, “Want to eat? Tell me a story”, is simply phenomenal.

Hacker Journal interview about iSee with Salvatore Iaconesi

A retrospective on John Maeda and an interview with Ranjit Makkuni contributed by FakePress in issue n.39 of Disegno Industriale (Industrial Design), dedicated to interaction design.

Conscientious Consumption. A machine at the Museum of Science reveals what’s really in our products. By Silvia Gambarino, La Stampa

(Italiano) Simone Arcagni, blogger e giornalista, dedica un vivace articolo a Squatting Supermarkets di ritorno dal Museo Delle Scienze

(Italiano) “Andateci alla cieca: è dannatamente contemporaneo”. Il quotidiano “La Stampa” segnala così ai Torinesi l’azione di Shopdropping di venerdì 6 novembre 2009

(Italiano) Il paradosso dello scaffale: Squatting Supermarkets e la spesa intelligente secondo Wired Italia

(Italiano) Francesco Fumelli dedica alla neonata FakePress una lunga recensione di 5 pagine, descrivendone l’approccio e la filosofia della attraverso i suoi primi progetti: Ubiquitous Anthtopology, NeRVi, iSee

(Italiano) Il noto magazine Core 77 riprende Squatting sul suo sito

(Italiano) “FakePress. Ubiquitous Publishing e Story Tellig distribuito”. La rivista Digimag presenta le attività di FakePress