FakePress @ Festa dell’Architettura 2010

June 11th-12th at “La Pelanda” MACRO Testaccio

by: Paolo Valente
with: Salvatore Iaconesi, Oriana Persico

The rapid development that the new media and the web 2.0 era are bringing to the world of communication and interaction suggests brand new possibilities able to considerably modify reasons and solutions for the transformation of the contemporary city. The tools of representation and design of the city are increasingly insufficient and inadequate to the complexity and speed themes which are characteristic of the Global dimension.

From the representation of the territory to the redefinition of the map concept, a new idea of Atlas will come to life in the exhibition area of the Pelanda at Macro Testaccio,

helping to enrich the contemporary debate on architecture, the digital city and the metropolis of Rome, that from June 9th to 12th will animate the Festival of Architecture.

Atlas of Rome – The Installation

The idea of an “atlas of visions” is aimed to move the point of view given by conceptual perception of the world based on the systemic and cognitive approach typical of modernity, towards an emotional perception born to the man as an individual who, by virtue of his own experience, offers a vision as a guideline of complexity. A liquid mapping, involved, an emotional geography which collects man’s history and his way of living moment to moment.The Atlas expresses itself through a web platform, even beyond the event, publically opening itself to individuals, groups and institutions which express a point of view on the city.
The work consists of a work of about 35 m x 4m in which four interactive info-visualizations describe a multiplicity of points of view on the city of Rome on the theme: “The imagination of architects and the real city”, redesigning the traditional idea of map as Cartesian matrix embedded in the physical dimension of the territory, on the base of the more contemporary concept of “scape”: a territory made up of relationships, emergent and distributed, continuously redefined by the those who live and take part in it.

In “Linearity” visions assume the appearance of mechanisms whose own life principle derives from the interaction between subject and main themes. The spheres represent the visions and are constantly fed by the themes to which they are connected.
“Neo Map” does not explore the territory through its geophysical features or place names, but describes it through the planning, actions and life which exist in it. In the visualization the circles represent the visions, placed according to their respective geographic positions and connected by main themes, thus describing a new look on the territory.
“Bridges” tests the domain of interconnections.Visions revolve around the reference themes, in a cyclical procession. Dynamically, visions and themes show bridges and connections, according to the themes and interactions which they have in common.
“TimeScape” trasforms the flow of time into a landscape. The visions are represented according to their temporal dimension, occupying an area proportional to their duration and succession. The geography is defined, shown and made interactive by placing visions and themes along the axes of time and correlation.
By: Paolo Valente
with: Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico
in collaboration with: Alessandro Tartaglia
technology and solutions of intercation design: FakePress / Art is Open Source
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“Bridges” saggia il dominio delle interconnessioni. Le visioni orbitano attorno alle tematiche di riferimento, in una processione ciclica. Dinamicamente, visioni e tematiche mostrano ponti e collegamenti, a seconda dei temi e delle interazioni che le accomunano
“TimeScape” trasforma lo scorrere del tempo in un paesaggio. Le visioni sono rappresentate secondo la loro dimensione temporale, occupando uno spazio proporzionale alla loro durata e successione. Viene mostrata e resa interagibile la geografia definita posizionando visioni e tematiche lungo gli assi del tempo e della correlazione
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