REFF @ Share Festival / Artissima

The REFF book makes its first appearance in Torino with friends from the Piemonte Share Festival!

Presented for the first time, the REFF book will be available and for sale at the Torino Museum of Science from 2 to 7 November.

On Saturday, 6 November, at 15pm Artissima (MEETING POINT, OVAL LINGOTTO FIERE) will host a special roundtable discussion on new forms of publishing, “Publishing Art 2.0: Next Step Publishing – New Scenarios of Art Publishing”.

FakePress will be presenting the REFF book as an exemplary form of cross-medial publishing and catalogs.

Participants include: Dario Salani, publisher; Giorgio Maffei, libraio antiquario; Edoardo Bonaspetti, founfer & directot of Mousse Publishing; Chiara Figone founfer & directot of Archive Books; Salvatore Iaconesi, Fake Press Publishing.

Moderation: Simona Lodi, art director Share Festival.

Following the round-table discussion, come join us for an aperitivo starting at 19.00 on the 2nd floor of the Museum of Science (lounge area,) together with the REFF curators and artists participating in the Share Festival including ….and many others.

We’ll see you there!


REFF. The reinvention of the real through critical practices of remix, mash-up, re-contextualization, reenactment

Foreword by: Bruce Sterling

Published by DeriveApprodi & FakePress

From the foreword, by Bruce Sterling:

“Right now, the behaviors and activities commemorated in this book are bizarre. Very. They are so peculiar that they are inherently difficult to describe, because they come from the outer reaches of an emergent network-culture.

I could write an entire book about these ideas and practices, a book that would be science fiction, architecture fiction, design fiction, a technical manual and also a manifesto for network economics. That book would be rather like this book, only less entertaining.”

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Logo del REFF, diagonale-squared
Logo del REFF, diagonale-squared