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CoS, Consciousness of streams, featured project at the 2011 edition of transmediale, is an ubiquitous, emergent, global publication creating a realtime emotional map of the world.

CoS is a publication by FakePress created explicitly for transmediale11: it will continue after the festival and all software created/used is about to be released as open source, under GPL license schemes.

Some numbers for this cross-media book:

- 35000 authors,
- 4 continents,
- 5 workshops summing up to 24 hours of continuous education material,
- 2 fake identities created,
- 1 location based noir story in which all participants have been killed (“murder in transmediale”),
- more than 230000 emotions forming a detailed emotional map of more than 300  locations around the world,
- 5 projects stemming out directly from the project’s life at transmediale.

This statistics have been calculated on the 6th of february, the last day of the festival.


CoS ( )

is a cross-media publication by FakePress (

created in collaboration with

transmediale ( )

and Art is Open Source ( )


Watch a video-report recorded in the CoS space the 6th of february by an exhausted xDxD.vs.xDxD at the end of the workshop’s sessions



Join the stream and experience CoS here

CoS - emotional map
CoS - emotional map
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