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REFF is cross-medial in Augmented Reality, an mobile application and a new platform opensource for cross-medial publishing

The REFF book is a publication curated, promoted and produced by FakePress: the paper version of the book is distributed in Italy by DeriveApprodi from November 2010, with the title “REFF. La reinvenzione del reale attraverso pratiche critiche di remix, mash up, ricontestualizzazione, reenactment”.

The book is available here:

A book beyond the e-book
Over 30 contributions ranging from critical articles to interviews; a catalog of 30 works exploring the themes of remix in an extended way; the special mentions of the 2009-2010 contest; a new experience of reading integrating the digital and paper dimentions trough the use of Augmented Reality and tagging; an open source tool for creating ubiquitous, cross-media publications, by FakePress.

With the foreword by Bruce Sterling, the book is a new prototype of cross-medial publication living between physical and virtual spaces. The publication include:

  • a book (made of paper and integrating QRCodes and Fiducial Markers to access digital data and experience Augmented Reality contents directly from the book)
  • a website (optimized for both desktop and mobile browsers)
  • a mobile application (developed for iPhone, iPad and Android, it will allow you to experience the augmented reality contents, to use the location-based information present in the book and to access the mobile interactive experiences)

REFF is an example of an artistic, cultural and political act. A truly Augmented Reality, a multi-strata object that entices to be discovered, read and used with more “sense” up to the performative one. A new prototype of publication, beyond the e-book.

REFF for iPhone and IPad

RomaEuropa FakeFactory (REFF) for iPhone / iPad is an application through which you can:

  • read the digital version of the book (in the “Book” section of the app)
  • view/hear the images, videos, 3D objects, sounds and interactive experiences found linked in the book, and some additional ones available only on the app (in the “Media” section of the app)
  • browse the contents of the book geographically, seeing the places, cities and locations mentioned in the text (in the “Map” section of the app)
  • read a real­time magazine that is generated each day by searching the web for the most interesting freely accessible articles on the themes of the book (in the “Magazine” section of the app).

You can dowload the application here:­fakefactory­book/id399178585?mt=8&ign­mpt=uo%3D4­fakefactory­ipad/id400680145?mt=8&ign­mpt=uo%3D4

REFF book is released under Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike Licence

Press coverage
t this link you find the REFF press release:

Conference & Univercity
REFF @ ESA Conference 2010 Bocconi Univercity (Milan)

Watch the book demo here:

REFF book cover
REFF book cover
REFF on iPad
REFF on iPad