FakePress @ ELPUB 2011 – Istanbul

FakePress presenterà “Next-step digital publishing tools and practices ” alla XV International Conference on Electronic Publishing (ELPUB), Digital Publishing and Mobile Technologies.

La conferenza si svolgerà a Istanbul (Turchia), dal  22 al 24 giugno 2011.

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15th International Conference on Electronic Publishing

June 22-24, 2011, Istanbul, Turkey

Digital Publishing and Mobile Technologies

“Next-step digital publishing tools and practices”


Smart phones and tablet computers such as iPhone and iPad have not only increased the pace of digital publishing but also fueled sharing digital information instantly in textual, audio and video formats through social networks.   It is projected that mobile data traffic will grow 40 times over the next five years and that more people will, by 2013, access the Web from their mobile devices than from their desktop computers.  Mobile technologies could “push digital publishing past tipping point by 2014,” as people are using digital magazines and journals much more often than their print equivalents.


The rapid growth and proliferation of digital devices combined with some cultural and technological changes suggests that in the near future we will see a deeply changed scenario in the publishing industry. Mobile technologies in the hands of a networked society, should bring those players that are willing to maintain a crucial role in the content industry, as publishers and editors, to reconsider the way in which content is created, distributed, shared and consumed now days.