Museums at Play

FakePress and Art is Open Source contributed a chapter to the book “Museums at Play: Games, Interaction and Learning“, about playful augmented reality solutions for museums.

The chapter is called “Toys++”, and it is written by Salvatore Iaconesi and Luca Simeone.

The Toys++ project had already been presented at the ICALT conference in Tunisia and had since then been developed into a fully working prototype.


Publication details
Title: Museums At Play – Games, Interaction and Learning
Editor: Katy Beale
ISBN: 978-1-907697-13-5 [paperback] | 978-1-907697-14-2 [hardback]
Pages: 500 (est)
Price: £64.95 (paperback) | £99.95 (hardback) + £10 worldwide shipping
Preview Edition available: now
Paperback, hardback and eBook editions available: May 2011
Publisher: MuseumsEtc

Museum at Play, book cover
Museum at Play, book cover