SONORIA is a series of series of musical toys for iPhone and iPad which can be used for fun or for artistic performances.

Created by Salvatore Iaconesi, SONORIA is a co-production by FakePress Publishing and Art is Open Source.

SONORIA is released under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported licence.


SONORIA 1 is a sound toy for iPhone and iPad, particularly oriented towards noise, suggestive, deep musical soundscapes.

Touch the screen to produce sounds.

Combine touch with phone rotation to change panning and other sound parameters.

Best heard in headphones.

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ZONES – A simple harmonic granular synthesizer for iPhone that generates interactive musical soundscapes. Create relaxing soundscapes and ephemeral melodies by making grains with your fingers. Grains interact with each other establishing a musical force field.  Download here the application:

SONORIA 1, a sound toy for iPhone and iPad
SONORIA 1 - screenshot
SONORIA 1 - screenshot