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“The Electronic Man: A Global Performance”. This is the title of the interview published by Renee Carmichael for Furtherfield.org.

From the introduction: “You Are Now the Electronic Man” are the words that appear before even opening the website for The Electronic Man, a project initiated by Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico of Art is Open Source (AOS) and FakePress. And by becoming part of The Electronic Man, sharing your emotions as they become linked through QR Codes and help to build the frame of The Electronic Man, you are participating in a real time global performance. This real time global performance relates to conceptual experiments by AOS and FakePress, in remixing reality and creating new sensual experiences with technology. The email interview took place after their recent exhibition at Furtherfield’s gallery in London, called REFF – REMIX THE WORLD! REINVENT REALITY!, which happened during February, March 2011, and during their current project The Electronic Man. We discuss AOS’s ideas and intentions, regarding their activities of performance and use of technology, and their methods of engagement with anthropology and biology.

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ABOUT Renee Carmichael
Renee graduated from Goldsmiths with a Masters in Interactive Media: Critical Theory and Practice. Her most recent work arose from working with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) support groups to intrepret their perception of objects within the home alongside theories of discreteness and technology. She is currently interested in exploring relationships between food, data and technology.

Electronic Man on Furtherfield.org
Electronic Man on Furtherfield.org