VersuS is a series of works about the possibility to listen in real-time to the emotions, expressions and information generated by users on social network and using ubiquitous technologies, and to publish them onto the cities which they are related to.

In VersuS the possibility to capture and understand the conversations on social networks is transformed into a tool with infinite uses, whose main goal is to propose new forms of citizenship and human relation, and to also suggest institutions and organizations new methodologies and strategies to innovate their understanding of their cities and to design and enact strategies which leverage new possible sensibilities to the desires, wishes and creativity of people.

A scenario emerges according to which it becomes possible to realize information landscapes which are ubiquitously accessible and which change our experience or urban spaces. These projects also suggest the possibility to use these methodologies and technologies to promote novel forms of participatory practices in urban spaces, for decision-making, policy-making and urban planning and design.

“VersuS. The real time of cities” is a spin-off of the “ConnectiCity” project:

[1] VersuS at Piemonte Share Festival 2011 – Installation

VersuS was first created and presented for the Piemonte Share Festival 2011 edition as a diptych of generative “info-sculptures” in which the threads and emotional states expressed on social networks are crystallized into geo-referenced, three-dimensional solids (generative design). Thanks to ubiquitous technologies, natural language analysis and 3D printing (or fabbing), the intensity, density and diffusion of emotions are transformed into the mountains, valleys and plains of a hybrid, neo-real landscape.

In “love VS Turin”, an emotional map is created from expressions of love, captured on Twitter in all their intensity. Love in Turin, as conveyed by its digital citizens.

In “riot VS Rome”, digital threads posted on social networks (Twitter, FourSquare, FriendFeeds, Facebook) during street unrest on 15th October become a means for reinventing life in the city and the way people express their dissent.

[2] VersuS on raiTunes: a musical trip on the emotion of the planet – Performance

A new version of VersuS was presented the January 5th during a live performance on the national radio-show “raiTunes”, in collaboration with Alessio Bertallot.

VersuS. 3D infovisualisation of the 15th October 2011 protest in Rome
VersuS. 3D infovisualisation of the 15th October 2011 protest in Rome