Leaf++ is an Augmented Reality System that allows creating AR interfaces using the leaves of the trees.

It is a tool for a new vision which, through augmented reality, enables the creation of an additional layer of our visual landscape: an infoscape, an information landscape which is directly and coherently added to our vision, in a highly accessible way.

A new vision in which leaves and plants come to a new visual life, as the computer vision system actively searches and highlights them, populating our view with information about their origins, living conditions, characteristics and interactions with our urban/natural ecosystems.


The Leaf++ system employs computer vision techniques to recognize plants from their leaves, and allows associating to them digital information, interactive experiences and generative aesthetic experiences whose purpose is to create a disseminated, ubiquitous, accessible form of interaction with the natural environment creating a suggestive, exciting and, most of all, desirable and accessible contact with the knowledge, wisdom and awareness about the inhabitants of the natural ecosystem in our surroundings.

Using Leaf++ a simple content management system can be used to publish information onto leaves. Users scanning similar leaves using the computer vision features of a smartphone application can access information directly from them, realizing a form of augmented reality designed for natural environments.


Leaf++ can be used as:

- a new type of social network based on leaves
- an interactive, augmented reality ambient for learning based on leaves
- a tool for live performance to create interactive experiences, generative sounds and images using leaves


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“Leaf++, a video of the first prototype”, watch the video on YouTube:

“Leaf++ an augmented reality concert for leaves (the making of)”, watch the video on YouTube:

Leaf++: interface
Leaf++: interface
Leaf++: logo
Leaf++: logo