CBF – Conference BioFeedBack

Conference Biofeedback (CBF) is a wearable, USB gadget that allows you to publish emotions and sensation directly on the body of the wearer.

Designed for use at workshops, conferences, seminars, television talk shows, CBF allows the wearer to feel the public’s emotional state and judgment of the their talk “on their skin”. Jolts of low electrical voltage, LED flashing and associated devices weigh on the body and into the surrounding space by introducing a new space for relating: an emotional sensory feedback in constant flux.


CBF has four main components:

- Wearable computing;
- Low information device;
- Body, emotional feedback;
- Knowledge dissemination.

To FakePress, CBF is a “declaration of war” (naturally cognitively and relationally speaking) to the boredom commonly experienced during conferences.

The conference remains one of the most effective ways to disseminate and diffuse knowledge but the ability to combine and connect knowledge and information in unprecedented ways during this temporary and emergent “event” makes the conference even focused on contemporary cultural and educational practices by suggesting interesting alternatives to the traditional model of teaching in schools and universities.

CBF is a low information device, created with simple technologies, realizable and affordable for everyone to wear.

To visit the web platform device collage for CBF click here.


Low information device, web framework

Conferences & Papers

<<10th Annual Planetary Collegium International Research Conference. “Consciousness Reframed: art and consciousness in the post-biological era”

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Conference Biofeedback
CBF - Framework web
CBF - Framework web