NeoReality is a WordPress plugin produced by FakePress ad AOS – Art is Open Source.

By using it you can transform your website into an Augmented Reality Content Management System (CMS). In a free CMS. “Free” as in “freedom”.

This and other characteristics of NeoReality make it a suitable tool to reinvent your reality.


NeoReality is a free open source Augmented Reality browser for iPhone and iPad that uses WordPress-powered websites as CMS.

The objective of NeoReality is to create a tool for free, autonomous reality augmentation possibilities. Commonly available AR platforms rely on private services whose providers actually own your access points to this new space of expression which is currently showing the possibility of becoming a new digital public space, layered onto the physical one.

Augmented Reality is becoming a truly important opportunity. It is becoming a new public space: highly accessible and, most important of all, everywhere. Meaning that we now have the possibility to “write on the world” in ways that are completely autonomous and free.


You can access NeoReality on GitHub:


RWR – Read/Write Reality
Ubiquitous Pompei