The project

iSee is a mobile augmented reality application that allows you to interact with the logos of products. After framing a product on the camera, an image processing algorithm identifies the logo allowing the user to access an additional set of information coming from a plurality of sources. Narrative galaxies (open, emergent, multi-author) connected to thematic social networks are layered over products. Logos become wikis, open communication infrastructures, distributed social networks, p2p ecosystems.

The internet of things arrives at the supermarket – at the place of consumption – and fills it with endless economic, social and anthropological implications.


iSee is based on based on three key factors:

- The importance of issues related to: Ecology, Environment and critical consumption
- The importance of social media in the creation of Brand Reputation
- Dissemination of the latest generation Mobile Device

Environmentalism and eco-sustainability are issues acknowledged as being among the most important global drivers in piloting the shopping choices of large parts of the population. Statistics also demonstrate that progressively large numbers of individuals search for information on social networks before purchasing commodities and services and that the users of last-generation mobile devices are steadily growing by the numbers. In all this, enterprises start feeling the need to confront a globally interconnected communication and relation system, emergent amd polyphonic in which the acquisition and the maintenance of a “good reputation” goes through complex social and cultural dynamics that are progressively more chaotic. The “Company” is not the sole center of communication and of the shaping of its corporate identity.


Application for iPhone and Android simbian.

Conferences & Papers

Piemonte Share Festival – 3 / 8 November 2009, the Regional Museum of Natural Sciences (Torino).

Awards & Recognitions

2009 Green Award dell’Environement Park of Turin

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Key words: augmented reality, the Internet of Things, critical consumption

iSee - Logo
iSee - Logo
iSee - Simulazione
iSee - Simulazione
iSee - Riconoscimento di un logo. Sull'interfaccia dell'oPhone compaiono le informazioni relative al prodotto
iSee - Riconoscimento di un logo. Sull'interfaccia dell'oPhone compaiono le informazioni relative al prodotto
iSee - Social Network
iSee - Social Network