NeoRealismoVirtuale (NeRVi)

The Project

NeoRealismoVirtuale (NeRVi) is a global atlas of scientific and artistic works in augmented reality. Browse it on the web or use it while walking through cities and architectures (using a location-based mobile phone version) to experience and learn about augmented reality experiments, performances and artworks directly where they have been created, in a mixed media product that is both a scientific tool and a peculiar and immersive thematic travel guide.

In addition to the technological and artistic components, the atlas also collects fictional works and critical essays from various disciplines, all of which deepen the visions on: anthropology, sociology, interaction design, architecture, economics.


NeRVi is navigable on the web or by walking through the city and buildings thanks to a location-based version available for mobile phones.

The atlas can be used as an experiential or informative inquiry on experimentation or performance art in augmented reality directly tied to the places where they are being created: a mixed-media product that can be utilized as both a scientific tool and a uniquely immersive touristic guide.

NeRVi develops, on one hand, from the curatorial work of FakePress while, on the other, as an open call to artists, architects, designers, researchers, authors and independent groups, invited to submit their works and participate in the project.


Location based application for iPhone, Symbian, Android and the web.


The term Virtual Neorealism (NeoRealismoVirtuale) was coined by Oriana Persico and Salvatore Iaconesi in defining a critical approach to art and technology, developed between 2007 and 2008, starting from the acknowledgement of a need to seek out new languages and expressive forms capable of describing the transformations, conflicts and possibilities facing our contemporary reality: a (mutant hybrid in which the boundaries between natural and artificial, analog and digital, real and virtual blur and redefine themselves, rejecting a dualistic approach in favor of polyphony, of trans-disciplinary approaches, a vision of possibilistic, intrinsically multiple and emerging reality.

The first formalized outcome of this experiment was the project Angel_F (still in progress), followed by projects such as Dead on Second Life, OneAvatar, Architettura Rel:attiva and many others to further reflect on the theme:


Dead on Second Life


Architettura Rel:attiva

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NeRVi - Neo Realismo Virtuale
NeRVi - Neo Realismo Virtuale
NeoRealismoVirtuale (NeRVi)
NeoRealismoVirtuale (NeRVi)
NeRVi - Neo Realismo Virtuale
NeRVi - Neo Realismo Virtuale