(Italiano) Disegno Industriale n. 39

The new issue of Disegno Industriale is out, , focused on Interaction Design.

Here is a short summary of the issue:

From designing the shape of objects to shaping the design of behaviours: next issue will explore interaction as a form to design in order to shape a world which can be more intelligent and friendly. After high-tech, technology hides itself within our artificial world, in order to become ane everyday presence.”

You can check it out here. There’s also an article I wrote about John Maeda and the great influence he had on creativity through computing. The article is titled “MaedaMedia” and discusses John Maeda’s fundamental role in what can be called metadesign. Maeda’s evolution from the research on algorithms, visualization and interaction formalisms, to the complexities and harmonies of nature, up to the definition of the Laws of Simplicity, describes a path that has been focal in the constant transformation process of Interaction Design and, in general, for the interactive uses of digital technologies. Hope you enjoy it.

Disegno Industriale n, 49 - Immagine copertina
Disegno Industriale n, 49 - Immagine copertina