ICSID: FakePress: ubiquitous publishing and next-step tools and practices for design

International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid):
FakePress: ubiquitous publishing and next-step tools and practices for design.


Technology enables a vision of the world in which people, spaces, architecture and objects are interconnected, allowing for distributed flows of knowledge, information, experience, relation, emotion. Starting from this scenario we created FakePress, a next-step publishing house leveraging spimes, location-based technologies, distributed interactions, emotional and experience design to instantiate new practices based on an ethnographic approach to the multi-layered, interconnected, multi-authored, cross-medial rea

This paper presents the research approach as well as three project instances: iSee, an augmented reality publication, Ubiquitous Anthropology, a scientific publication created and experienced through location-based technologies, and NeRVi, a global atlas of the scientific and artistic projects using augmented reality techniques.