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FakePress partecipa attivamente al dibattito internazionale sull’interaction design e sulle nuove tecnologie, attraverso la presentazione di ricerche, papers e contributi nelle conferenze e sulle riviste scientifiche di maggior  rilievo nel settore.

Di seguito,  le principali conferenze e pubblicazioni a cui abbiamo partecipato. Ogni contributo è descritto attraverso un sintetico abstract e una presentazione PowePoint: per i testi integrali, potete rivolgervi direttamente a noi scrivendo al seguente indirizzo:

09/2011 – Conference: ISEA2011 Istanbul, Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey


07/2011 – Conference: ELPUB, 15th International Conference on Electronic Publishing: Digital Publishing and Mobile Technologies, Kadir Has University, Istanbul, Turkey

“Next-step digital publishing tools and practices”

07/2011 – Conference: IEEE ICALT, Athens, Georgia, USA

“As We May Remix: REFF Book and the Augmented Press Experience”, “Anthropological conversations: augmented reality enhanced artifacts to foster education in cultural anthropology”

06/2011 – Conference: Future of Education Conference, Florence, Italy

“Training Future Anthropologists by Innovative Means: Professional Vision from Augmented Reality NKISI Representations”

05/2011 – Conference: Nordes 2011 Conference, Helnsinki, Finland

“Blind and Fake – Exploring the Geography of the Expanded Book”

11/2010 – Conference: The Planetary Collegium’s 11th International Research Conference, Trondheim, Norway

“Crossing the boundaries of sacred worlds. An augmented reality application attempting to visualize other orders of reality”

10/2010 – Conference: UD, 3rd International Conference for Universal Design, Hamamatsu, Japan

“Squatting Supermarkets”

10/2010Conference: ESA Research Network – 3rd edition, Sociology of Culture Conference, Università Bocconi, Milan, Italy

“The Uncanny Experience of Space Through an Augmented-Reality Application: Ubiquitous Anthropology”, “Ubiquitous Computing: Neorealismo Virtuale, Holophonical”, “Fakepress: A Next-Step Publishing House”, “Squatting Supermarkets”, “Neorealismo Virtuale”

07/2010 – Conference: IEEE ICALT, Sousse, Tunisia

“Toys++: Augmented reality embodied agents as  tools to learn by building”

03/2010 – Journal: Design Principles and Practices

“Distributed Learning Infrastructures in the Anthropology of Design”

12/2009 – Journal:  diid Disegno Industriale / Industrial Design

“MediaMaeda”, “Beyond Natural Interaction”

11/2009 – Conference: The Planetary Collegium’s, Munich, Germany

Xth International Research Conference, “Ethnographic Distributed Storytelling”.

11/2009 – Conference: World Design Congress, Singapore

“Next Step Tools and Practices for Design”.

09/2009 – Tor Vergata University, Rome, Italy

“Saperi P2P”, “Ubiquitous Anthropology”

07/2009 - Frontiers of Interaction, Rome, Italy

“Ubiquitous Publishing”