Research & Academics

FakePress is actively involved in the international debate on interaction design and new technologies through the presentation of research papers and contributions at international conferences, in scientific journals and, more importantly, in the field.

As a result, our participation at major conferences or to publications are described below with a brief abstract and a presentation of Powerpoint slides: for the full texts, please contact us directly by writing to:

09/2011 – Conference: ISEA2011 Istanbul, Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey


07/2011 – Conference: ELPUB, 15th International Conference on Electronic Publishing: Digital Publishing and Mobile Technologies, Kadir Has University, Istanbul, Turkey

“Next-step digital publishing tools and practices”

07/2011 – Conference: IEEE ICALT, Athens, Georgia, USA

“As We May Remix: REFF Book and the Augmented Press Experience”, “Anthropological conversations: augmented reality enhanced artifacts to foster education in cultural anthropology”

06/2011 – Conference: Future of Education Conference, Florence, Italy

“Training Future Anthropologists by Innovative Means: Professional Vision from Augmented Reality NKISI Representations”

05/2011 – Conference: Nordes 2011 Conference, Helnsinki, Finland

“Blind and Fake – Exploring the Geography of the Expanded Book”

11/2010 – Conference: The Planetary Collegium’s 11th International Research Conference, Trondheim, Norway

“Crossing the boundaries of sacred worlds. An augmented reality application attempting to visualize other orders of reality”

10/2010 – Conference: UD, 3rd International Conference for Universal Design, Hamamatsu, Japan

“Squatting Supermarkets”

10/2010Conference: ESA Research Network – 3rd edition, Sociology of Culture Conference, Università Bocconi, Milan, Italy

“The Uncanny Experience of Space Through an Augmented-Reality Application: Ubiquitous Anthropology”, “Ubiquitous Computing: Neorealismo Virtuale, Holophonical”, “Fakepress: A Next-Step Publishing House”, “Squatting Supermarkets”, “Neorealismo Virtuale”

07/2010 – Conference: IEEE ICALT, Sousse, Tunisia

“Toys++: Augmented reality embodied agents as  tools to learn by building”

03/2010 – Journal: Design Principles and Practices

“Distributed Learning Infrastructures in the Anthropology of Design”

12/2009 – Journal:  diid Disegno Industriale / Industrial Design

“MediaMaeda”, “Beyond Natural Interaction”

11/2009 – Conference: The Planetary Collegium’s, Munich, Germany

Xth International Research Conference, “Ethnographic Distributed Storytelling”.

11/2009 – Conference: World Design Congress, Singapore

“Next Step Tools and Practices for Design”.

09/2009 – Tor Vergata University, Rome, Italy

“Saperi P2P”, “Ubiquitous Anthropology”

07/2009 - Frontiers of Interaction, Rome, Italy

“Ubiquitous Publishing”

ESA – Sociology of Culture Conference (3rd edition) – Centro ASK, Università Bocconi