Squatting supermarkets: 3rd International Conference for Universal Design

Issue: principles and practices for building a sustainable society that enables all to live in harmony and co-existence.


The most recent developments in technology and mobile communications, along with the new relational P2P models and the relevance of environmental sustainability, suggest that in the following years we will see a scenario that radically differs from the current situation within the convenience goods industry. The traditional dynamics of shopping characterised by the model of  “one to all”,  from businesses to consumers, already seem inadequate for a significant part of the population; one can hypothesise that in the near future this model would be substituted by practises based on narrative, hyper textual, multimedia and distributed models. Smart tagging, augmented reality, user generated content, ubiquitous publishing etc, may already form the framework of a new paradigm of shopping in which businesses and consumers establish a necessarily transparent dialogue on the actions taken in the construction of a sustainable future.

“Squatting supermarkets” prefigure, outline and fulfil the model of shopping narrative described above. From both technological and socio-economic points of view “Squatting Supermarkets” confront the topic of the exposure and dispersion of layers of  information that are useful in the practice of  buying, through an immersive ambient that is  interactive and stimulating to the senses. “Squatting supermarkets” is able to outline a dialogue in which the histories, processes, the value chain, and the consumer himself become visible and accessible in a narrative and socially relevant form.

Universal Design Conference 2010
Universal Design Conference 2010