Salvatore Iaconesi – Artistic Direction Technology Research & Innovation

Hacker, artist, raver and electrical engineer, he developed his first software program at the age of 12. A passion born on a skateboard in Philadelphia and followed by urban, multi-national and extreme performance interstices, international research and academic teaching where technology becomes a tool for self-determination, for the re-contextualization of urban space and digital, he is currently working on the interrelationship between humans and technology by creating interactive interventions in design and architecture using the Internet, modern cellular networks, wearable technology and artificial intelligence, art, science and business.

Luca Simeone – Design Anthropology

After graduating with a degree in Cultural Anthropology, he founded Vianet in 1999, a digital design agency with offices in Rome and Toronto. Luca conducts research and training focused on the anthropology of design for universities, research centers and institutions (European Commission, FlashForward – New York, MIT & Sacred World Foundation – New Delhi, University of Rome, Milan, Naples, Saarbruecken, IED Milan).

Oriana Persico – Media & Communication

Compulsive reader, blogger and journal-keeper,  a 5th grade referendum against hunting awoke a precocious sense of environmental awareness in her that over time has extended to the digital and human world. She graduated with a degree in Communication Science and from 2004 to 2006 worked with the Innovation Group of the Greens in the Italian Senate (Innovazione dei Verdi al Senato), working with advocating political participation through new technology, digital inclusion, intellectual property and internet governance. She currently writes for magazines and newspapers, maintains online databases on art and technology and works with an intense fury on the arts, communications, politics and the critical economy.

Federico Ruberti – Market Strategies

Freelance consultant for Enterprise and Marketing Communication Agencies, he has developed over 150 Advertising, on / off line, and Internet & Multimedia Design projects through his more than 10 years of experience. Lecturer for the course in Multimedia Design at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” in the Faculty of Architecture and founding partner of FakePress, a cultural association dedicated to the development and dissemination of technology / cultural projects. Member of the Scientific Committee of the REFF (RomaeuropaFakeFactory), an international competition dedicated to digital culture, and one who is regularly engaged in research on digital media and interaction design.

Cary Hendrickson – Eco-Sustainability & New Market Research

An environmental economist  whose  research  interests  revolve  around  the theoretical and empirical intersections of political ecology, new technologies geared towards communicating sustainability and institutions for environmental management. Her past research experience has been internationally focused and she is currently looking at the multi-scalar linkages between networks of actors involved in carbon offsets while pursuing a PhD in economic geography. She has carried out  field  research  studies  in  Asia,  North  America  and  Europe  and  worked  as  a  policy  analyst  with various international NGOs.