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The Augmented City created by 120 high schools students

Tow articles by journalist Mario Cardone on TorreSette

Next step publishing. From REFF to FakePress, theories and practices for 3.0 publishing: augmented reality, cross media books and ubiquitous content – Friday 13.05.2011 18.00 h, Salone Internazionale del Libro, Turin



Augmeted Reality for leaves

The Casoria Contemporary Arts Museum hosted an exhibit and performance of REFF, RomaEuropa FakeFactory. On show, the REFF AR Drug and the REFF interactive map

The paper “Training Future Anthropologists by Innovative Means: Professional Vision from Augmented Reality NKISI Representations” will be presented at the European Association for the Education of Adults Conference (EAEA).

Two scientific papers, “As We May Remix: REFF Book and the Augmented Press Experience” and “Anthropological conversations: augmented reality enhanced artifacts to foster education in cultural anthropology” will be presented at the ICALT2011.

The scientific paper “Next-step digital publishing tools and practices” will be presented at the 15th International Conference on Electronic Publishing (ELPUB), Digital Publishing and Mobile Technologies – Istanbul (Turkey) from June 22-24, 2011

The augmented museum: Toys++ project become a chapter of the book “Museum at Play”

Preview of the Leaf++ project, selected by ISEA 2011 that will take place in Istanbul

“REFF AR Drug – Altered or Augmented Reality?”

REFF, FakePress, AOS and Ossigeno present REFF on tour Ancona, Osimo, Macerata 30-31 marzo 2011 Just back from London REFF, the fake institution promoting from 2009 cultural policies, artworks and technologied inspired to the systhematic reinvention of reality, will arrive in Marche (Italy) Thanks to the collaboration of Ossigeno, REFF A/R Youth Program, the special [...]

A series of theoretical and practical workshops exploring the possibilities offered by fake, remix, recontextualization, plagiarism and reenactment as a tool for methodological reinvention of reality

An Augmented Reality Drug

Alessio Capuccio speak about FakePress statement featured at the Social Media Week of Rome

REFF, beyond the book, beyond the ebook, by Nando Ruggiero



Acronym of “Multi Author Cross Medial Ecosystem”, MACME is a new Worpress plugin transforming a blog in a cross-medial publishing sistem

The RomaEuropa Fakefactory book is coming! “REFF. La reinvenzione del reale attraverso pratiche critiche di remix, mash up, recontestualizzazione, reenactment”, published in Italy by DerivApprodi & FakePress. Foreword of Bruce Steling

(Italiano) Presentazione in realtà aumentata di FakePress e Art is Open Source per la prima edizione di IAR a Milano

“Squatting Supermartets: narratives of shoptivism”, by Loretta Borrelli

(Italiano) A Mondovì, workshop di presentazione di Squatting Supermarkets: dall’istallazione, al software alle prospettive di sviluppo locale

(Italiano) Il banchetto interattivo in realtà aumentata di Squatting Supermarkets al circolo ARCI “La Schighera” di Milano

Hacker Journal interview about iSee with Salvatore Iaconesi

(Italiano) Fake Press intervista Dino Borri al termine della gita in realtà aumentata presso la sede di Eataly di Torino

An interactive supermarket in augmented reality, a peer-to-peer infrastructure, a radical marketplace squatting the consumer infrastructure itself.

(Italiano) Lo statement artistico di Squatting Supermarkets



Mobile application for iPhone, Symbian and Android based on an image recognition system. By framing a product on the camera, an image processing algorithm identifies the logo allowing the user access to information coming from a plurality of sources: narrative galaxies (open, emergent, multi-author) connected to thematic social networks, layered over products.

A location-based application for iPhone, Symbian, Android and web applied to anthropological field research exploring new relational forms of representation and poliphonic and emergent self-representation.

An interactive atlas dedicated to artistic and scientific works in augmented reality, navigable online or while walking around the city or architectural sites thanks to a location-based, mobile phone version.