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Consciusness of Stream. A cross-media book, a realtime emotional map of the world featured in transmediale – Berlin 1-6 feb. 2011

REFF, beyond the book, beyond the ebook, by Nando Ruggiero

A new article on the REFF book has been published on www.kuandika.com, by Simone Caracciolo

“REFF. A book, a catalog, a new model for augmented publishing” – REFF book review by Roberto Russo on www.booksblog.it

REFF book on the homepage of La Stampa, 18 November 2010

REFF book on RaiNews24 taking about next-step publishing

A cross-mediale book in Augmented reality, an iPhone and iPad application, a new tool opensource for cross-medial publishing

The RomaEuropa Fakefactory book is coming! “REFF. La reinvenzione del reale attraverso pratiche critiche di remix, mash up, recontestualizzazione, reenactment”, published in Italy by DerivApprodi & FakePress. Foreword of Bruce Steling