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A short review of the VersuS installation at the Piemonte Share Festival

Tow articles by journalist Mario Cardone on TorreSette

“The net of the anxiety”, by Simone Arcagni

(Italiano) Il libro del REFF nella play list delle 10 cose da non perdere di Wired Italia, gennaio 2011.

“A book that is more than just a book. A technical guide, a manifesto for network economics, a symbol of emerging network-cultures and, according to the author of science fiction [Bruce Sterling], also something fun.” Article by Cristina Sciannamblo on www.punto-informatico.it

“Interview to FakePress” by Pierfrancesco Cravel: Domus 2 November 2010

FakePress, a publishing house that “specializes in unorthodox media”… – Wired Italy

Antonio Caronia concludes his article “Technological Imaginations. Eating words” with a discussion on the Squatting Supermarkets performance at the Schighera of Milan.

According to Simone Arcagni the Squatting Supermarkets video, “Want to eat? Tell me a story”, is simply phenomenal.

A retrospective on John Maeda and an interview with Ranjit Makkuni contributed by FakePress in issue n.39 of Disegno Industriale (Industrial Design), dedicated to interaction design.

(Italiano) Il noto magazine Core 77 riprende Squatting sul suo sito

(Italiano) “FakePress. Ubiquitous Publishing e Story Tellig distribuito”. La rivista Digimag presenta le attività di FakePress