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Travel through 6 cities, in Italy, Europe and the United States. A live performance capturing in real time the emotions of cities, in an open dialogue with music.



The real-time lives of cities

A connective global body inspired by and dedicated to Marshall McLuhan and Derrick de Kerckhove

A global connective identity. An ubiquitous body extended to the whole planet

A global performance, a multilingual ubiquitous dialogue in realtime giving a voice to the planetary discussion on nuclear energy

Antonio Caronia concludes his article “Technological Imaginations. Eating words” with a discussion on the Squatting Supermarkets performance at the Schighera of Milan.

According to Simone Arcagni the Squatting Supermarkets video, “Want to eat? Tell me a story”, is simply phenomenal.

(Italiano) Il banchetto interattivo in realtà aumentata di Squatting Supermarkets al circolo ARCI “La Schighera” di Milano

(Italiano) Il video di Maya Rota Klein documenta l’azione di Shopdropping di Squatting Supermarkets nel centro storico di Torino

(Italiano) “Andateci alla cieca: è dannatamente contemporaneo”. Il quotidiano “La Stampa” segnala così ai Torinesi l’azione di Shopdropping di venerdì 6 novembre 2009

An interactive supermarket in augmented reality, a peer-to-peer infrastructure, a radical marketplace squatting the consumer infrastructure itself.