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(Italiano) “Pompei più viva che mai grazie alle tecnologie”: ne parla Carlo Infante sulla sua rubrica “Salva Con Nome”

Together with the project “McLuhan Meets Pompei”, the FakePress and Art is Open Source teams have started their education program on augmented reality in two high schools in the city of Pompei

3 more people will be able to register until the 8th of September at the RWR workshop 1st edition!

Next step publishing. From REFF to FakePress, theories and practices for 3.0 publishing: augmented reality, cross media books and ubiquitous content – Friday 13.05.2011 18.00 h, Salone Internazionale del Libro, Turin



Augmeted Reality for leaves

The scientific paper “Next-step digital publishing tools and practices” will be presented at the 15th International Conference on Electronic Publishing (ELPUB), Digital Publishing and Mobile Technologies – Istanbul (Turkey) from June 22-24, 2011

A location-based application for iPhone, Symbian, Android and web applied to anthropological field research exploring new relational forms of representation and poliphonic and emergent self-representation.

An interactive atlas dedicated to artistic and scientific works in augmented reality, navigable online or while walking around the city or architectural sites thanks to a location-based, mobile phone version.