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(Italiano) “Pompei più viva che mai grazie alle tecnologie”: ne parla Carlo Infante sulla sua rubrica “Salva Con Nome”

A small documentary about the project by Rubén Santillàn

The Augmented City created by 120 high schools students

Together with the project “McLuhan Meets Pompei”, the FakePress and Art is Open Source teams have started their education program on augmented reality in two high schools in the city of Pompei

REFF at the 17th edition of the MFRU festival (Mednarodni Festival Racunalniskih Umetnosti) with an interactive installation and a workshop

An exhibit and a workshop created for the technological lab of the “Classe dell’Arte” in Bozen

FakePress and AOS presente the tow high school of Pompei hits workshop “The Electronic Man. Ubiquitous writings and identities”

3 more people will be able to register until the 8th of September at the RWR workshop 1st edition!

From 13th to 16th September 2011, 3+1 days of intensive workshop on the possibilities offered by Ubiquitous Publishing techniques and technologies

REFF, FakePress, AOS and Ossigeno present REFF on tour Ancona, Osimo, Macerata 30-31 marzo 2011 Just back from London REFF, the fake institution promoting from 2009 cultural policies, artworks and technologied inspired to the systhematic reinvention of reality, will arrive in Marche (Italy) Thanks to the collaboration of Ossigeno, REFF A/R Youth Program, the special [...]

A series of theoretical and practical workshops exploring the possibilities offered by fake, remix, recontextualization, plagiarism and reenactment as a tool for methodological reinvention of reality

REFF. A Fake Cultural Institution, an A/R drug and the reinvention of reality: exhibit @ Furtherfield (London), lunch party, workshop and presentations

A cross-media book, a realtime emotional map of the world featured in transmediale11

Next-step publishing: ubiquitous, disseminated, emergent, multi author narratives. Open workshop @NEW MEDIA BOOK – Innovation Festival (Milan)

(Italiano) A Mondovì, workshop di presentazione di Squatting Supermarkets: dall’istallazione, al software alle prospettive di sviluppo locale

Squatting Supermerkets / iSee presented at “Ludovico Quaroni” Faculty of Architecture, Rome’s University “La Sapienza”, Industrial Design Department – 4th may 2010



(Italiano) Possibili traiettorie per la percezione dell’ascolto olofonico. Lecture e Worlshop presso la Facoltà di Architettura “Ludovico Quaroni – La Sapienza” (Roma – 30 aprile)

(Italiano) Dall’intensa esperienza del Piemonte Share Festival 2009, un retrospettiva critica su Squatting Supermarkets: l’istallazione, i workshop, le performance, le nostre riflessioni