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Go to Knowners page on WordPress:


[ Knowners on WordPress ]


You can download the Knowners plugin here:


download the [ KNOWNERS plugin ]


To install:

unzip the archive in your wordpress setup in the usual /wp-content/plugins directory and activate it in the Plugins section of the administration dashboard.

Please red the info contained in the “readme.txt” file included in the archive for licensing information (the plugin is released with GPL2 licensing) and for additional details.

To use:

You can use the Knowners plugin by inserting this PHP command


anywhere in your wordpress template.

The plugin will fill all the available space in the HTML container in which you embed the PHP code above.

The plugin includes a custom stylesheet ( the “style.css” file included in the archive) which you can customize to suit your needs.

To Configure:

You can configure the Knowners plugin directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Use the “Knowners” menu that will show up in your administration sidebar to edit the links.

This will be the main updates in the next version of Knowners: a better editing mechanism.

While editing:

Use absolute URLs (e.g.: “”)

Separate tags using commas. tags can be multiple words.

When you insert tags, relationships will be automatically calculated among them, so that they show up when you navigate your links as “related”.

An example Theme:

We provide you with the theme used in this website so that you can see Knowners in action with minimum effort.

You can download it here:


download the [ Knowners WordPress Theme ]


Upload the theme to your WordPress installation and see it in action. The plugin is activated in the main page ( “index.php” ).

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